‘One Humanity: Shared responsibility’: the report of the UN Secretary-General for the World Humanitarian Summit


“The World Humanitarian Summit is the moment for us to come together to renew our commitment to humanity and the unity and cooperation required to prevent and end crisis and reduce people suffering and vulnerability”.

With these words the United Nations’ Secretary-General launched today his report for the World Humanitarian Summit.

Given the level of challenges facing the international community and the human suffering witnessed worldwide, the Secretary-General emphasizes in his report that the Summit must be the turning point of how the international community comes together to resolve differences, accept individual and collective responsibilities, and confront the challenges of our time collectively and coherently.

The Secretary-General asks all stakeholders to accept and act upon 5 core responsibilities to deliver for humanity.

1. Political leadership to prevent and end conflicts
2. Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity
3. Leave no one behind
4. Change people’s lives – from delivering aid to ending need
5. Invest in humanity

To deliver on the core responsibilities, the UNSG puts forward an ‘Agenda for Humanity’ that outlines the key actions and strategic shifts needed.

Download the report of the Secretary-General and his Agenda for Humanity!


WHS staff member

The World Humanitarian Summit was initiated by the UN Secretary-General to improve global humanitarian action. It will culminate in Istanbul in 2016.